Unlocking your USB modem removes all restrictions and gives you the chance to use other network operator SIM cards. My post on unlocking Huawei USB modems still works but this post explains how to unlock ZTE USB Modems easily. I tried looking for a free online tool to unlock ZTE Modems like the one for Huawei found here but couldn’t find one that’s reliable.
I finally came across an unlocker that unlocks ZTE modems along with huawei as well for free.

-First download DC – UNLOCKER 2 CLIENT

-Extract the content of the zip file to a zip folder

-Locate dccrap.exe and run.

-Disconnect your internet connection and plug your ZTE or Huawei USB modem with an alien SIM card (an unsupported SIM card from a different network operator) inserted.

-If you’re to unlocking a Huawei modem, there’s no need to change your SIM. simply plug your modem into your computer’s USB port.

-If the connection manager pops up, close the window.

-Depending on your type of data card, select either ZTE or Huawei from DC – UNLOCKER 2 CLIENT user interface.

-Click on the magnifying glass to automatically search for the modem

-Once the modem is detected, click on Server and type doncaprio.com in the username field and doncaprio for password.

-Click Unlocking menu, then select unlock.

-Wait for a moment till the programs displays this message: unlock is successfully done

-Now you can use any SIM card on your unlocked USB modem

Download unlocker

well for free.


from:  http://www.doncaprio.com/2011/08/how-to-unlock-zte-huawei-usb-modem.html

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